Screen Business: How screen sector tax reliefs power economic growth across the UK (BFI) Oct 09, 2018

Delivered to British Film Institute (BFI)

Produced by SPI with Nordicity


Nordicity is a leading consulting firm specializing in policy, strategy, and economic analysis in the media, creative and information and communications technology sectors.

We apply our analytical and sector expertise to help:

  • Governments make better policy
  • Industry sectors develop and communicate value
  • The private sector make critical investment decisions

We have developed economic analysis tools to assess employment and GDP impacts, and to evaluate fiscal returns on public expenditures. We do business assessments and strategies for new ventures in digital media, screen-based properties, ICT and telecom industries. We understand digital media and convergence, as well as traditional media and culture. We are on top of the fast-moving wireless and mobile environment.

We bring together professionals with deep backgrounds in economics, business, social science, regulation, engineering and law. We speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. We draw on scores of associates and business partners with complementary expertise and geographic coverage. We operate seamlessly across eight time zones and have clients in more than a dozen countries. We have offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and London (UK).

Nordicity was founded in 1979, and merged with the management consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998. Between 1998 and 2002 Nordicity’s principals led and formed part of PwC Consulting’s information, communications and entertainment/media practice. Nordicity re-launched as an independent consulting firm in 2002, coincident with the sale of PwC Consulting to IBM.

Nordicity is a service framework provider for British Council, ComRegGovernment of British Columbia, Ofcom, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Nordicity is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has developed an Accessibility Policy in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). A copy of this document is available in an accessible format upon request. 

Nordicity's Rich Heritage

  • 1979 Nordicity incorporated - secures five-year contract to manage Canadian Institute of Economic Policy
  • 1980 Nordicity helps chart course for CBC's new ventures
  • 1982 Nordicity leads application for a pay-TV licence in Canada
  • 1984 Nordicity study underpins Telefilm’s new broadcast fund that jump-starts independent film s& TV production sector in Canada
  • 1985 Nordicity’s “Project ‘90” sets strategic plan for cable industry in Canada
  • 1988 Nordicity pens “Taking the Lead” - the Canadian private broadcasting industry’s strategic plan
  • 1993 Nordicity led consortium wins $10 million CIDA contract for ICT implementation in Vietnam
  • 1995 Nordicity prepares business plans for CANARIE and SchoolNet – first public Internet ventures
  • 1997 Nordicity releases the first Profile: An Economic Report on the Screen-based Production Industry in Canada for the French- and English-language production companies in Canada - and is still publishing an annual profile
  • 1987 - 2001 Nordicity helps many successful specialty TV licence applications,including music, women’s, sports, third language, children’s and lifestyle genres

Nordicity Modern

  • 2002 Nordicity breaks away from PwC Consulting, but retains multi-year service contract with IBM business consulting
  • 2003 Nordicity undertakes ground-breaking assessment of the barriers to growth facing cultural entrepreneurs for the Department of Canadian Heritage
  • 2003 - 2004 Nordicity develops valuation models, audits, fee schedules and undertakes spectrum planning for spectrum regulators and policy-makers in Canada and overseas (Trinidad, Jamaica, Cyprus, etc.)
  • 2005 Nordicity mandated by the Department of Canadian Heritage to evaluate the Canadian Feature Film Policy, Canadian Television Fund and Museums Assistance Program
  • 2006 Nordicity helps etv in South Africa bid for a new satellite-delivered suite of TV services
  • 2006 - 2007 Nordicity produces Green Papers on the Future of Television for the Banff World Media Festival
  • 2008 - 2009 Nordicity completes strategies for the music and book publishing industries and a major study on alternative financing vehicles for the Ontario Media Development Corporation
  • 2008 Nordicity completes first successful national digital media survey (Canadian Interactive Industry Profile)
  • 2006 - 2008 Nordicity develops planning and evaluation methodologies for creative industry clusters for the Consortium on New Media, Creative, and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto Region (CONCERT) and the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport
  • 2008 Nordicity’s auction simulation model and strategic advice in the 2008 AWS auction lead our client to the most efficient acquisition of spectrum among Canada's wireless contenders
  • 2008 Nordicity establishes office in London, UK, and begins working with British clients, including the Scottish Broadcasting Commission, Northwest Vision + Media, NESTA, Storey Creative Industries Centre, and Freesat
  • 2004 - 2012 Nordicity develops new methodologies in assessing the economic impact of the screen-based sector for seven Canadian jurisdictions
  • 2009 Nordicity launches “Towards a National Digital Strategy” and becomes an active participant in the national discourse
  • 2010 Nordicity conducts digital impact assessments of the creative industries in Ontario and human capital impacts on eight cultural sectors for the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)
  • 2010 Nordicity assists Industry Canada in the development of spectrum valuation methodologies including optimal deprival value
  • 2011Nordicity assists ThunderBay Tel – a regional telco – in its assessment of current network capacity, identification of capacity constraints (e.g. blocking on towers) and planning for spectrum acquisition as part of 4G network modernization
  • 2010 Nordicity provides Telus with wireless industry data on pricing and packages in light of OECD data. The analysis is subsequently used by the major incumbents in setting out the Canadian industry position
  • 2011 -2012 Nordicity assesses the economic benefits of research and educational services, such as CANARIE, Canadian Film Centre and the Centre for Commercialization of Research
  • 2012 Nordicity’s new Vancouver office leads strategic review of screen-based sector for British Columbia, Vancouver Economic Commission and stakeholder associations
  • 2012 Nordicity assesses HR needs and gaps in the ICT sector for Industry Canada and the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario
  • 2012 Nordicity assists South Africa's Department of Communications in undertaking a spectrum audit of utilization of licensed spectrum above 500MHz and spectrum planning strategies