Nordicity is positioned to lead projects and engagements of all sizes and scope, and in all time zones across the globe. It is in part, because of our ability to design teams that meet the precise needs of a project. We regularly bolster our team with subject matter experts and those domiciled in the parts of the world where business arises.

Clients rely on Nordicity's experience in project management in virtual and face-to-face teams. With our own four offices spanning eight time zones, we have developed communications practices to manage large teams and numerous research inputs while keeping projects on-track, on-budget and within scope. Nordicity:

Assigns a dedicated point of contact for effective communication throughout the course of a project.

Makes efficient use of the most reliable online tools and cloud technologies to keep real-time track of our team's progress on your project.

Manages and mitigates risk through troubleshooting approaches to risk management, employing a collaborative approach to problem solving.