Nordicity and The Evidence Network assess the economic impact of the Centre for Commercialization of Research
Posted by Nordicity in Toronto on Apr 12, 2012

TORONTO – April 2012 – The Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR) at the Ontario Centres of Excellence has engaged Nordicity and The Evidence Network to assess its contribution to the Canadian economy.

CCR, established in 2008, provides business-advisory services and financing to early stage companies in Ontario and other provinces with high-growth potential. CCR’s support helps these companies attract private investment and bring to market innovative products and services.

“Nordicity is honoured to be working with CCR, as it embarks on its first economic impact study,” remarked Dustin Chodorowicz, Partner, Nordicity. “This project will leverage Nordicity’s extensive economic impact analysis experience and build upon similar work we did for CANARIE in 2011.”

This study marks the third time since 2009 that CCR has engaged The Evidence Network to assess its impact on client companies. “The Evidence Network is proud of its longstanding relationship with CCR,” said Brian Barge, President and CEO of The Evidence Network. “We look forward to working with Nordicity to prepare this landmark study of CCR’s economic impact.”

The analysis of the economic impact of CCR will combine the strengths of Nordicity’s economic impact analyses and The Evidence Network’s innovation impact assessment methodology.  It will draw upon data from an online survey, program data, secondary sources and selected interviews to quantify the contribution that CCR makes to the Canadian economy via the growth of small companies developing and commercializing innovative products and services. The economic impact assessment will include estimates of the direct and spin-off employment, gross domestic product and exports that can be attributed to CCR-supported companies and specifically to CCR’s role in assisting those companies.

For more information on this project, contact:

Dustin Chodorowicz
CA: +1.613.234.9429
UK: +44 (0) 7511 97902

Dr. Brian Barge
President and CEO
The Evidence Network