Women in Film & Television - Toronto releases screen-based workforce study
Posted by Nordicity in Toronto on Jan 18, 2012

TORONTO - January 2012, Women in Film & Television - Toronto (WIFT-T) has released Frame Work II: Canada's Screen-Based Workforce, a study on the current employment of equity groups in the screen-based industries conducted by Nordicity, with research support from Environics research.

The study provides a snapshot of the workforce trends in film and television production, film and television distribution, broadcasting, and digital media in the context of today's business and technological developments. It primarily focuses on the participation and experiences of women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minority groups in the screen-based industries workforce.


  • While there has been some progress in the representation of most designated groups in Canada's screen-based industries, such progress does not always keep pace with the country's overall workforce.
  • The "old boys' club" still commands authority, particularly in the film and TV production, film and TV distribution, and broadcasting industries. The "glass ceiling" for women continues to exist but it has moved up a level of seniority.
  • Gender-based disparities in average earnings persist across the screen-based industries, which may be the result of a greater proportion of women in lower paid positions.
  • Members of designated groups still face great challenges in overcoming negative perceptions about their abilities in the workplace.
  • Training is not a panacea for hiring or for progressing further in one's career in the relationship and project experience-driven screen-based industries. Designated groups must work proactively to improve their career management skills.

For the study's complete findings and executive summary, or to read the full report, please visit the WIFT-T website.

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