Orangeville launches Municipal Cultural Plan and Map Project in partnership with Culture Capital, Nordicity and GeoPraxis
Posted by Nordicity on May 29, 2013

Orangeville launches Municipal Cultural Plan and Map Project

Joining other forward-thinking municipalities in Ontario, the Town of Orangeville is developing its first Municipal Cultural Plan and Cultural Map. As part of its 150 birthday celebrations, the Town has launched the project in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of arts and culture locally. When completed, the plan will be used as a guide to support the development of cultural policies, programs, partnerships, and initiatives that will ensure the Town reaches its greatest potential as a culturally vibrant and creative community.

As a project of the Town of Orangeville's Arts & Culture Committee, the plan will support Orangeville's cultural development by making cultural planning a priority. "By strengthening the Town's arts, culture and recreational assets, we improve the quality of our community overall," says Councillor Mary Rose, Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee. "Our goal is to improve quality of life and quality of place while also attracting and retaining investment that will support economic diversification."

The Municipal Cultural Plan will focus on supporting cultural development in the community and will identify short and long-term strategies and actions to strengthen and enhance arts and culture resources and activities in Orangeville. The plan will identify resources required, outline opportunities for community partnerships and make recommendations on integrating culture into all municipal departments.  The first step in the process will be to complete a cultural mapping exercise which will develop an inventory of all physical cultural resources and assets, cultural organizations, events, spaces and facilities, as well as occupations within the creative economy. Next, through a community engagement process, key community stakeholders, businesses, all interested residents and municipal officials will be involved in helping to identify a cultural vision and identify cultural needs, opportunities and priorities in the community.

The Town will team up with Culture Capital, in partnership with Nordicity, for the creation of the Cultural Plan and Map. The two firms provide a team with combined experience and expertise in cultural research, planning and mapping. The project will be supported by a Cultural Plan Steering Committee and will be funded in part by the Government of Ontario through the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund.

For more information please contact:

Ruth Phillips, c/o Economic Development, Planning and Innovation Department at the Town Hall, 87 Broadway, via email at or call 519-941-0440 Ext. 2291.

Julie Whelan, Senior Consultant, Nordicity, via email at