Nordicity wins bid to assess the impact of digital technology on Canada’s cultural sector
Posted by Nordicity in Montréal on Oct 01, 2011

Montréal – October 2010 – The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) has commissioned Nordicity to undertake a pan - Canadian study on the Impact of Digital Technology on the Cultural Sector. The study was launched in Montréal on October 26th at the first meeting of the CHRC’s Steering Committee for the project.

The study aims to measure the impact of technology on the labour force in eight cultural sub-sectors: visual arts and crafts; live performing arts; film and television; broadcasting; writing and publishing; music and sound recording; heritage (archives, libraries, museums and built heritage); and digital media. The study seeks to find common issues across the eight sub - sectors,and identify those issues which are particular to each specific sub-sector. The study will address the digital impacts from the perspectives of the not-for-profit as well as for-profit businesses and organizations, and include the self-employed as well as employed.

Nordicity has been a leader in assessing and navigating the impacts of digital technology in the cultural sector– for specific industries such as music and book publishing – and for cross-cultural sectors and the media/entertainment industries. While Nordicity has analyzed issues of financing, regulation, policy, and technology, this study focuses on the human resources dimensions “As we identified in our issues discussion paper Towards a National Digital Strategy, skills development forms a central component of a digital economy strategy, particularly in the cultural sector. We look forward to working closely with CHRC to help put in place mechanisms to ensure Canadian talent can seize a bigger share of the digital potential,” says Peter Lyman, Senior Partner of Nordicity.

To undertake this substantial engagement, Nordicity augmented its core line-up of experienced consultants by adding several subject matter experts to its team. “While we can cover the cultural waterfront with our Nordicity team, these experts bring a deeper understanding of many of the sub-sectors like heritage (museums, libraries and archives), and visual arts and crafts,” says Stuart Jack, Partner of Nordicity. “We will be able to deliver a quality product to the cultural community with this august project team that covers many regions in English and French speaking Canada.”

Over the next eight months the Nordicity team will undertake a literature review and broad consultation of interviews and workshops to identify HR issues in the sector stemming from digital technologies. Nordicity will launch an online crowd-sourcing forum to engage Canada’s cultural community in an open dialogue – with the project team and each other – on issues and findings as they emerge throughout the project. The Nordicity team will deliver its findings and recommendations in a final report to the CHRC in June 2011.

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