Nordicity Helps Three Applicants Get $500,000 in Funding from OMDC’s Creative Cluster Partnership Fund
Posted by Nordicity in Toronto on Feb 01, 2010

Toronto – February 2010 - The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)’s announced over $2.9 million in funding of 17 projects for the Ontario’s creative economy via its Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnership Fund (ECCPF). Nordicity was commissioned by C3 Network (of Waterloo’s Communitech) to support applications for three projects, all of them successful. In fact, C3 Network, with Nordicity’s help, submitted applications that received approximately 17% of the total funding allocated by the ECCPF in its current round of funding.

Drawing on an extensive knowledge of digital media content and platforms, the joint C3 Network-Nordicity team made contributions included the signing up strategic partners, defining the application rationale, integrating various service offerings, budgetary planning, and the preparation of in-depth application documents.

The three funded projects cover emerging and fast growing areas of the creative cluster in Ontario: digital games, interactive narratives, and the future of media. They are described as follows:

  • Ontario Digital Games Business Incubator Network – This project creates a network of business incubators and related institutions serving the digital games development community in Ontario. Regardless of their location in the province, developers of digital games will be able to access the very best business incubation and acceleration programs and services. The network will also leverage the resources and talents of related academic institutions, promoting the right skills and providing opportunities for graduates. It is led by Algoma University and is supported by secondary partners Digital Arts and Technology Association (DATA), Brock University, Cerebral Vortex Games Inc., Digital Extremes, and PlayBrains Inc. Additional partners for this project include the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), City of Toronto, Communitech, Fanshawe College, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Side Effects Software Inc., London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Niagara Interactive Media Generator (nGEN), and Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI).
  • The Interactive Narratives Initiatives – This project makes a new way of telling stories available to Ontarians using the very latest in interactive content management software – by introducing a new media architecture featuring an adaptive nature that can change the users’ experiences on the fly during the playback of audiovisual content. In doing so, creators of audiovisual content in Ontario will be able to display their present content in a more engaging fashion than is possible with more traditional linear film or TV techniques. It is led by FITC Events and includes York University, Canadian Film Centre (CFC), Women In Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT), and Digital Arts and Technology Association (DATA) as partners.
  • 2020 Media Futures - A multi-industry strategic foresight project designed to understand and envision what media may look like by 2020 – what kind of cross-platform Internet environment may shape our media and entertainment in the coming decade and how Ontario firms can take action today toward capturing and maintaining positions of national and international leadership. It is led by OCAD’s Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) and includes the participation of Breakthrough New Media Inc, marblemedia interactive Inc., and the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) as secondary partners. Additional partners for this project include: Sheridan College, York University, National Film Board (NFB), Communitech, Glassbox Television Inc., Nordicity, Corus Entertainment Inc , Achilles Media Inc., Gesturetek, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, and the Ontario Centres of Excellence. For its part in the partnership, Nordicity will contribute professional services towards the development of future scenarios and the design of the consensus seeking tools for this project.

Nordicity’s Senior Partner, Peter Lyman notes that “Nordicity is very pleased to have been involved in these three projects. Each is an intelligent building block toward a competitive digital media creative cluster for Ontario.” C3’s Project Director, Kathleen Webb adds: “It demonstrates the diverse richness of Ontario institutions that you just have to catalyze to bring important benefits to Ontario.”

C3 Networks

C3 Network—Connect, Construct, Commercialize—is building success for Ontario's digital media industry.

Ontario's digital media industry is a magnet for talent, expertise, and economic success. The Province boasts considerable concentrations of hardware and visualization technologies in communities like Markham and Waterloo Region, and a rich content creators' community in the Greater Toronto Area. Through the C3 Network project, Communitech is strengthening Ontario¹s digital media industry by:

  • Encouraging greater numbers of digital media students to remain in Ontario after graduation;
  • Facilitating companies' access to talent; and
  • Supporting digital media company growth.

Communitech fully understands and succeeds at the art and science of commercialization and what it takes to build successful technology industries. As such, Communitech is pleased to lead C3—a public-private partnership jointly funded by the Ontario Research Commercialization Program and matched in-kind by Ontario colleges, universities, and companies.

C3's activities fall into two main areas: student mentorship, and industry engagement events.

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