Economic Profile of Web Series Content Creators Develops at Nordicity, IWCC (Mediacaster Magazine)
Posted by Nordicity on Mar 06, 2014

Posted 2014-03-06 by Mediacaster Magazine 

The challenges and opportunities faced by online video producers and Web series creators will be documented in an economic profile and industry study now being conducted by Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC-CIWC), with the financial support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

IWCC has engaged  the consulting firm Nordicity to develop an industry profile of Ontario’s web series creators; that firm will be gathering information about the province’s Web series creators and producers, their work (e.g., number of projects, awards, revenue, business models and creative styles, etc.) and the challenges and opportunities they faced over the past year.

Meanwhile, some of the creative content those producers have come up with will be shown at upcoming Web content events in Canada, inclduing the Toronto Web Series Festival (TO WebFest) taking place May 9-11, 2014.

Apart from the many screenings, the Festival will host industry panels and events on topics such as branded entertainment and product placement, audience development, distribution platforms, and more, as Robert Mills, IWCC’s President, describes: “Showcasing the online content in a festival setting is an integral part of celebrating the works coming from our community of Web series creators. Every time we gather and share the fruits of our labours, we, the industry and the viewing public, are richer for the experience. TO WebFest is the first step to a brave new world of Web series creation which is happening here in Canada and spreading across the world."

Many of the WebFest activities, as well as the survey itself, are intended to support Web producers in Ontario, to boost awareness of and appreciation for the content they create, and to enhance communications with governments, councils and other industry agencies.

IWCC says the survey data will be made publicly available, and that it can be a valuable resource to Web series creators and those seeking information about what resources are available to assist in content creation and distribution on the Web; the kinds of financing that creators have used, and more.

The IWCC’s survey is now online, and a FAQ is available with additional information.

Although this study will look strictly at Ontario creators, the hope is that the study will serve as a template for other provincial or a national study.

That’s of interest to organizers at the Vancouver WebFest, and their plans to honour and celebrate the evolution of media content created exclusively for the Internet during a three-day event in BC, May 2-4, 2014. Vancouver recently unveiled its list of Official Selections, representing Web content creators from Canada and around the world.

The TO WebFest submission window for creators remains open through March 9, 2014, but festival organizers report they’ve already received more than 150 entries from around the globe, representing over 20 countries. Those entries will be reviewed by an independent jury and selections for the festival will be announced April 1, 2014. TO WebFest will also be offering cash awards of $500 for outstanding achievement within each genre screening block, as well as an overall ‘Best of the Fest’ prize of $1000.

Open to the public, and offering free admission, the screenings will span a wide spectrum of genres including Kids, Comedy, Drama, LGBT, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and more.

The Independent Web Series Creators of Canada – Créateurs Indépendants de Séries Web du Canada (IWCC-CIWC) is dedicated to supporting and bringing awareness to independent and creator-driven, audience-focused Web Series in Canada and internationally.

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