In memoriam – Pat MacKenzie, Nordicity office manager from 1992-97
Posted by Nordicity on Mar 14, 2014

As Nordicity grew in its first incarnation (pre-PwC merger), Pat MacKenzie was hired as a dedicated office manager for Nordicity’s practice. With an office of some 25 people in one location in Ottawa in the early 1990s, Pat stayed right up to the merger with PwC at the end of 1997. In the era of “ACPAC” and early accounting software packages, Pat handled all the payroll, billings, taxes, support staff (yes, those were the days), and myriad administrative chores. One such role was supervising the managing partner’s eldest son as an intern one summer, and they fast became good buddies. Pat was ever cheerful, and yet frank about various matters arising from the financial vagaries of small consulting firms. She performed a vital link for the Nordicity team and partners, and we are most grateful of her contribution to Nordicity in that era.

Our hearts go out to her better half, Neville Vincent and to the rest of her family.