Orangeville needs some culture: report (Orangeville Banner)
Posted by Nordicity in Toronto on Apr 07, 2014

Orangeville should tweak its already impressive arts base, according to the recently released cultural advantage plan.

With the help of consultants Culture Capital, Nordicity and GeoPraxis, Orangeville has created its first cultural plan and map. A series of recommendations were presented to council on Monday (March 31).

“The cultural economy in Orangeville is an interconnected system that includes not only artists and arts organizations, but businesses, bookstores and digital media companies,” said Rita Davies of Culture Capital. “The cultural sector is an important source of economic employment benefit to Orangeville.”

The arts contribution to the local economy could be enhanced with a minimum investment from the municipality, Davies explained.

“We think you’re missing some opportunities to leverage this strength,” she said.

The report explains creating a community cultural centre and dedicating staff resources to the arts would equal a boost for the economy.

“In terms of moving towards a cultural centre, we suggest you look at opportunities within the town’s own facilities or community partners,” said Julie Whelan of Nordicity [...]

Orangeville should also look at ways of promoting and branding its identity. Davies suggested creating a cultural mapping website and signage advertising cultural features.

Creative financing measures could also be used to avoid spending tax dollars.

“This isn’t just about taking money from taxpayers. We’re conscious of how tight those dollars are,” Davies said. “Yes, we are recommending a modest investment from the town. We do so with the belief that every dollar you invest in the arts will give you a great return, not only in quality of life, but as you’ve seen it will increase your prosperity.”


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