Web Series Creation Growing in Ontario
Posted by Nordicity in Toronto on Jun 25, 2014

The supply of new Web series content is likely to grow, if Ontario online content creators continue their pace of production.

A new study released by the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC) paints an economic picture of the province’s growing content creation and distribution industry, noting that the volume of production has increased by more than 25% since 2012.

Web series creators are pushing new screen-based storytelling techniques; the study showed that they are driving research and development (R&D) in online video production tools and distribution technologies.

The research was funded by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), and it’s seen as the first ever industry profile of Ontario’s Web series creators.

The IWCC recognized that in order to better support and advocate for its members’ needs, it would require current and credible information about the size, shape and activities of active independent Web series creators, and engaged research firm Nordicity to undertake the study.

The Web series industry is an award-winning, internationally recognized and entrepreneurial sub-sector of the Canadian film, television and digital media production sector. Risk-takers and innovators, Web series creators have adopted a keen audience focus that sets them apart from their counterparts in traditional film and television.

With little infrastructure, a low base of creators and little industry support, Ontario-based Web series creators have earned international awards, festival accolades and are beginning to explore content translation deals for greater exposure in international markets. There was a resounding call among respondents for further industry education and support tools and skills development in order to nurture this relatively young industry towards sustainable growth.

The IWCC says its intention is to use the survey results to develop strategies which better support the Web series producers in Ontario. With it, the IWCC will be able to better promote this burgeoning industry, and communicate effectively with governments, councils and other agencies. It is hoped this study will serve the template for a national one.

The Independent Web Series Creators of Canada - Créateurs Indépendants de Séries Web du Canada (IWCC-CIWC) is dedicated to supporting and bringing awareness to independent and creator-driven, audience-focused Web Series in Canada and internationally. Nordicity is a leading consulting firm specializing in policy, strategy, and economic analysis in the media, creative, and information and communications technology sectors.

Source: http://www.mediacastermagazine.com/news/web-series-creation-growing-in-ontario/1003129062/?&er=NA%20Hootsuite