Nordicity to Help Rural Internet Service Providers Make Their Case for Funding Under the $305m Connecting Canadians Program
Posted by Nordicity in Ottawa on Oct 21, 2014

Ottawa, Canada. - Building on leading experience in strategic consulting and telecommunications, and on vast experience in broadband connectivity projects for rural parts of Canada, Nordicity Group Ltd. has announced today its readiness to help Canadian ISPs with the extension into remote and underserved areas and with applications for funding from the federal Connecting Canadians $305M program.

“We are offering a full suite of professional services, covering all aspects – from technical, over business to regulatory,” said Stuart Jack, Telecommunications Lead and Partner in the Ottawa Office. “Nordicity can ensure that ISPs who want to benefit from the federal funding aimed at helping remote and underserved communities can make the best possible case for their businesses, and put a submission that meets all criteria. However, ISPs must act quickly, as the closing date for applications is January 12, 2015.

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Nordicity has a unique combination of expertise and experience in broadband connectivity to provide the technical, business analysis and regulatory analytics required by ISPs to prepare their applications. Nordicity can perform strategic “what-if” scenarios for business planning that incorporate technological options, network planning, market analysis, financial data and regulatory frameworks. Our sophisticated geo-mapping tools can map current and potential network configurations onto Industry Canada’s hexagon-level granularity of service areas. Once the analysis is complete, we can also assist the firms in with putting their complete applications.

Our services are tailored to the needs and address ‘in-house’ capabilities of individual ISPs. We are here to help them put forward the best proposal for Connecting Canadians program”, concludes Jack.

On October 15th, Industry Minister James Moore announced the details of the Government’s Connecting Canadians program - - aimed to bringing high-speed Internet to an additional 280,000 homes in rural and remote regions of the country. Eligible Internet service providers (ISP) can apply for funding to extend or enhance their service to areas in need across the country. Connecting Canadians will provide incentives for the private sector to build and extend digital infrastructure in rural and remote areas of the country, including Northern communities.

ISPs are asked to propose projects in areas where they can provide services to households that currently do not have Internet access or have slow access.  Successful ISPs will be expected to provide services at speeds of at least 5 megabits per second (Mbps) to Canadians in rural areas of the country that currently have slower access and 3 to 5 Mbps in the satellite-dependent communities served under the northern component of the program. 

About Nordicity

Nordicity ( is a leading international consulting firm specializing in strategy and policy development for the creative, telecommunications, and technology industries. Nordicity is a powerful analytical engine, with expertise in policy and regulatory analysis, economic analysis, financial valuation, business strategy and planning and market assessments. Because of its international presence, Nordicity has become widely recognized for its ability to translate diverse market developments and apply best practices from one market to another. In Canada, Nordicity has a long history with regional telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers, and has been involved in many successful projects related to improving broadband connectivity for remote and rural parts of Canada and Northern Canada communities.



Interested ISPs may directly contact Alex Pavlovic, Director of Technology, or Stuart Jack, Telecommunications Lead. 

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