Nordicity assesses the Danish Culture and Development Agency’s (CKU) Creative Industries in Africa program
Posted by Nordicity in London U.K. on Jan 30, 2015

Nordicity was commissioned by the Danish Culture and Development Agency (CKU) for a strategic analysis of the design and implementation of the Design Network Africa (DNA) and The African Music Festival Network (AMFN) which, together, form the CKU’s Creative Industries in Africa (CIA) program – active across 16 countries.

The evaluation identified achievements vis-à-vis the objectives and outputs of the program, as well as provided recommendations for CKU’s continued engagement in the creative industries in Africa on the basis of its thematic and regional priorities.

Nordicity’s report provided deep-dive assessments of the continental initiative in terms of its effectiveness, efficiency and relevance – including feedback from 25 participants, program coordinators, and institutional partners. Having developed key recommendations for the future of CKU’s investment in this area, Nordicity looks forward to hearing more great stories as CKU’s impactful work in Sub-Saharan Africa grows from strength to strength.

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