Research to identify the impact of digital technology on the newspaper industry
Posted by Nordicity on Apr 09, 2015

Toronto, ON - The Department of Canadian Heritage has engaged Nordicity – in partnership with Jerry Brown of Lacunae Consulting and Anne Crassweller, previously President of NADbank - to conduct a study of the impact of digital technology on the Canadian newspaper industry.

The study will collect information from various regions and industry segments and will aim to provide an up-to-date portrait of the sector including impacts on newspaper industry business models and Canada’s competitive positioning.

According to Canadian Heritage, the purpose of the study "is to examine the impact of digital technology on the newspaper industry and to obtain up-to-date portrait of the sector".

Nordicity is a leading international consulting firm that provides economic, strategic and policy analysis, and development services to both public and private clients in the cultural, media, entertainment and ICT industries. The firm has an established record of research and analysis in the media and entertainment industries, including digital media and publishing.

“We’re thrilled to be undertaking this work at such a pivotal time in the newspaper industry” said Nordicity’s Senior Partner, Peter Lyman. “As much of our information will be obtained through interviews, we’re hopeful that professionals in the newspaper industry will recognize the significance of this study and feel motivated to participate.”

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