Arts Council England commissions Nordicity to review career and talent development for artists and bands in England's music sector
Posted by Nordicity in London U.K. on Aug 03, 2015

LONDON – August 2015 – Arts Council England (ACE) commissioned Nordicity, in association with our partners Sound Diplomacy, to undertake a review of the career and talent development of artists in the contemporary popular music sector. By taking into account the existing support and opportunities across the music and cultural support ecosystem, the research aims to identify and address gaps for the development of artists' careers.

The study aims to better understand the ecosystem of existing provision and explore the rationale for public investment in the contemporary popular music sector, with a particular focus on the experiences of artists and bands at the ‘tipping point’ of their career. The research seeks to identify the barriers and challenges that exist for artists in accessing current support, and better understand and respond to the experiences of artists and bands, with a particular view towards the impact of digital disruption. Diversity and representation across England of the provision currently provided is to be identified as well as any barriers that are specific to those that fall within particular diversity strands or characteristics, including BAME, gender, geography, socio-economic, sexual orientation and disability.

Following an evidence-based approach, a wide-ranging consultation across the sector will include an extensive series of interviews, focus groups and an online survey. The survey is for every music artist, songwriter, composer, band and musician in England, as well as the teams and music industry around them (including managers, labels, publishers, venues, etc.).

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