The CRTC commissions Nordicity to study the portrayal of diversity within the Canadian broadcasting system
Posted by Nordicity in Vancouver on Sep 30, 2015

VANCOUVER – September 2015 – The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has engaged Nordicity to study if, and how, the reflection and portrayal of diversity in Canadian television has changed over the past decade. Using the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) 2004 Task Force report Reflecting Canadians as a baseline, the objective of the 2015 study will be to measure the progress made by broadcasters in promoting diversity in Canadian content.

Together with Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities, Nordicity will use both quantitative and qualitative research tools to assess the representation of diversity across English and French television markets, identify any critical gaps, and inform potential follow-on action related to the Commission’s cultural diversity mandate. The content and discourse analysis will focus on groups identified as ethno cultural and Aboriginal, members of the Canadian LGBT+ community, and those with physical disabilities.

See here for more information about the CRTC’s approach to upholding cultural diversity in Canadian broadcasting.

For further information on the 2015 study, please contact Nordicity’s Vancouver Manager, Carly Frey: