Nordicity study investigates Western broadcasting support mechanisms for Scottish Broadcasting Commission
Posted by Nordicity in London, U,K, on Aug 01, 2008

London, U.K. – Aug 2008 – The Scottish Broadcasting Commission, in its on-going investigation into the current state of television production and broadcasting in Scotland, recently commissioned Nordicity to explore and provide an evidence-based evaluation of the policy mechanisms by which Western nations support and encourage domestic television broadcasting production.

The report found that mechanisms such as state-funded public broadcasting will continue to be essential in the future, particularly as other mechanisms face increasing challenges. For example, as the value of broadcasting spectrum wanes, governments will face greater difficulty in enforcing both exhibition and expenditure quotas – requirements that have typically been tied to the ‘gift’ of public spectrum. The study also found that demand-side mechanisms (such as quotas and public broadcasting) need to be complemented with supply-side mechanisms (such as tax incentives and production funds).

Led by Manager, Terri Wills, and Partner, Dustin Chodorowicz, Nordicity drew on its extensive knowledge of broadcasting policy as well as its past experience in working with Canadian, British and international clients in evaluating and developing specific policy mechanisms. The project team, drawn from Nordicity’s UK and Canadian offices, examined the broadcasting environments of Spain, Germany, France, Australia and the United Kingdom and evaluated the ability of specific support mechanisms to accomplish public policy objectives – such as generating audiences for local or regional programming. The mechanisms Nordicity examined included:

  • Tax credits and other tax incentives;
  • Subsidy funds, including the unique Canadian Television Fund;
  • Quotas, both exhibition and expenditure;
  • Various public broadcasting models;
  • Regionalised models of regulation.

Nordicity’s detailed study on International Broadcasting Models – including Nordicity’s conclusions as to the most effective support mechanisms – can be freely accessed here:

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