When one degree just isn’t enough (The Globe and Mail)
Posted by The Globe and Mail in Toronto on Mar 23, 2016


When one degree just isn’t enough

Perhaps the most unusual pairing is at York in Toronto, where the Schulich School of Business and the school of the arts, media, performance and design offer a three-year combined program for an MBA and master of fine arts (MFA) or master of arts (MA).

Greg McClary is completing his MBA-MA this semester. He originally enrolled for an MA in music, but at the orientation learned of the dual degree. In the program, he has focused on digital media content, and devoted 3,000 hours to composing a symphony.

“I was geared up for an academic career in music,” says Mr. McClary, who plans to become a digital media consultant, “but after realizing just how competitive that job market is, the MBA offered an elegant opportunity for a career transition.”

He now plans to become a digital media consultant.

Mr. McClary discovered that the writing skills of MFA and MA students are highly valued in MBA group work. “Even the students who weren’t so gung-ho on business were in high demand in groups because of their knack for explaining things that aren’t easy to communicate. So there’s definitely synergy in the skill sets.”

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