Lights, Camera, Access! commissions Nordicity to study the employment of persons with disabilities in screen-based industries
Posted by Julie Whelan in Toronto on Apr 04, 2016

TORONTO – April 2016 – Lights, Camera, Access! (LCA!) has engaged Nordicity to study the employment of persons with disabilities in the film and television production, broadcasting (including television and radio) and digital media industries. The objectives of this study are to:

1. Provide a current portrait of employment of persons with disabilities in the Ontario film, television, broadcasting (including radio) and digital media industries;

2. Identify challenges and opportunities with regard to “screen industry” employment – mainly from the perspective of people with disabilities;

3. Open the discussion around inclusive hiring and interventions with tangible results which can inform both employers and individuals seeking work in these industries.

Over the course of this engagement, Nordicity will develop and deploy an accessible online survey aimed at persons with disabilities working in the screen-based industries. The questionnaire will gather information about the experience, earning power and career trajectories of persons with disabilities working in the screen-based industries.  LCA! and Nordicity will also hold a roundtable discussion with persons with disabilities which will attempt to identify: barriers to success, high-priority issues and opportunities for industry change.  More information about both of these activities will be available soon at and and with the hashtag #screenaccessON.

The research process aims to support dialogue within the screen industry and catalyze meaningful change to increase the employment of persons with disabilities.

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Funding for this study was provided by Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC). LCA! also wishes to thank project funders ACTRA Fraternal, Accessible Media Inc., the CBC (Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity) and OCAD University for their support with this engagement.

For further information on the study, please contact the Project Manager Julie Whelan, or LCA! Executive Director – Laurence Dean Ifill

About Lights, Camera, Access!

Founded by Leesa Levinson, an actor with Multiple Sclerosis, Lights, Camera, Access! is a nonprofit organization which provides services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment, arts and digital media industries.

About Nordicity

Nordicity is a leading consulting firm specializing in policy, strategy, and economic analysis in the media, creative and information and communications technology sectors. We apply our analytical and sector expertise to help: a) Governments make better policy; b) Industry sectors develop and communicate value and c) The private sector make critical investment decisions.  

About the OMDC

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is the central catalyst for creative industries in the province. The OMDC promotes investment in, and leverages original content creation for, the six industries that form part of Ontario’s entertainment and creative cluster: film and television, magazine and book publishing, interactive digital media, and music.