Superpowers on display at Augmented World Expo (Nordicity Snapshot)
Posted by Julie Whelan in Toronto on Jun 21, 2016

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to join our clients, the Canadian Film Centre and OMERS Ventures for the launch of our: Pulse on VR: A Workflow and Ecosystem Study at the 7th AWE Conference in Santa Clara California.  

The Conference was packed (nearly 4,000 people from over 40 countries) with the biggest hitters in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearables.


Ana Serrano HoloLensThe mainstage hosted top speakers ranging from from 20th Century Fox's Futurist, Ted Schilowitz to the CFC Media Lab’s own Ana Serrano, who asked challenging questions about What Should Matter in VR.” 

Another favourite talk of mine was on “breaking the movie mold with VR movies” by Maureen Fan, CEO and cofounder at Baobab Studios. Fan shared her learnings from combining animation and VR to make the top-ranking VR animated short film – Invasion – including the importance of flowing your story without switching perspectives and finding ways to guide viewers to look where you want them to go. You can see the teaser trailer here… I need to know what happens next!

On the exhibitor floor we tested all sorts of awesome experiences. 

AWE Conference VRFirst, Timelooper. Combined with a phone and cardboard headset, the app allows users to travel to historic moments, such as the Great Fire of London and the Blitz. These innovative experiences could transform – at the very least – the tourism industry and also augment trips to the museum and other cultural and heritage sites. I "traveled" to Times Square, New York for Victory Day in 1945 and loved it. 

Second, VIRzoomIt might not look like it, but on the left I am on the American frontier, riding a horse and chasing after bandits. By using the bike controllers I could wieid a lasso and by leaning left and right I dodged obstacles in my path.... After five minutes of pedaling my heart out (the faster you pedal in real life, the faster you gallop in the game) I was exhausted. VIRzoom not only offers one solution to locomotion in VR, it also steps up your workout (in my case, exponentially). 


The advances in VR and AR are staggering and have major potential impacts for the creative and content industries.

Through our study, Pulse on VR: A Workflow and Ecosystem Study, the sector can finally shed light on what companies are doing in the Canadian VR ecosystem. 

If you are a company working in VR, claim your space and take our short #PulseOnVR survey here!



Julie WhelanJulie Whelan is a Manager with Nordicity.
Her first experience with VR was the motion-simulator attraction Star Tours at Disneyland
...way back in 1987.