Globe and Mail: How Canada’s Internet, wireless rates compare with international prices
Posted by Globe and Mail in Ottawa on Aug 11, 2016

Article by Christine Dobby, Globe and Mail

Canadians continue to pay among the highest telecom prices in many cases, reveals an annual report comparing the prices of Internet, wireless and home phone services across several major developed countries.

Canada ranks within the top three countries when it comes to wireless prices across all six service-plan categories tracked in the study, although cellular plans are cheaper in Canada than in the United States and Japan in several instances.

Canadian prices also place near the top for most home Internet packages but again are cheaper than in the United States.

Published on Thursday, the lengthy report – which was commissioned by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and prepared by consultancy Nordicity Group Ltd. – also looks at how home telephone and wireless Internet prices stack up internationally.

The information in the study is based on a survey conducted in January and February and it also tracks year-over-year changes in pricing.

On top of international comparisons, the report tracks price differences and changes in various Canadian cities and compares the offerings of the incumbent wireless, telephone and cable companies to the prices charged by new-entrant cell carriers and Internet resellers.

The Nordicity study included a look at how Canada’s prices for some of the most popular wireless and Internet packages compare with those in the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, France and Britain.

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