Stuart Jack quoted in Wire Report: Investel to launch national Wi-Fi based wireless service
Posted by The Wire Report in Ottawa on Dec 15, 2016

Stuart Jack, head of the telecommunications & ICT practice at Nordicity, was interviewed by Ahmad Hathout of The Wire Report on Investel's planned deployment of a Wi-Fi-based mobile technology. Read the full article on The Wire Report's website here.

Stuart Jack, a partner at Nordicity, said in a phone interview that he isn't so sure the service isn't similar in nature to Sugar, and noted that the WiFi hotspots aren't necessarily abundant everywhere.

He also said the current 4G environment could cause some issues for the services.

"If you look at the issues of this category of service providers, in the current generation of technology, they're still going to have these issues that [Facebook Inc.'s] Whatsapp [messenger service] has," Jack noted. He said that those issues include quality of service over VOIP, which would be helped by 5G deployment.

"Until 5G comes along, they really can't have a seamless service," Jack said, adding that he doesn't think it's truly disruptive 'at this point'.

Jack predicted that when telecom service becomes "another application of IP data, combining the whole suite of [Internet of Things] applications to the network, then you truly will see a plethora of niche players coming in."

TNW will be 'much better positioned' to move the technology forward in a 5G environment, he said.

 "I think the potential makes it interesting."