Stuart Jack quoted in Wire Report: Rural broadband program aims to bring 300 communities up to speed
Posted by The Wire Report in Ottawa on Dec 15, 2016

Stuart Jack, head of the telecommunications and ICT practice at Nordicity, was interviewed by Charelle Evelyn at The Wire Report on the Department of Innovation Science and Economic Development's (ISED) announcement of the Connect to Innovate program. Read the full article on The Wire Report's website here.

The focus on the middle mile is a course correction from the previous program, Stuart Jack, a partner at Nordicity, said in a phone interview.

"I think they've got it right in terms of enabling more middle-mile investment, bringing fibre into the town and then letting various suppliers compete within the town itself," Jack said. "From an economic point of view, of how do you enable competition best with public investment, that's probably the right balance."