Nordicity Research Shows Canada's Prairie Provinces Get Lower Than Average Funding
Posted by Nordicity in Winnipeg on Jan 01, 2013

The study, Analysis of Regional, Francophone and Aboriginal Production in the Prairie Provinces, was commissioned by On Screen Manitoba (OSM) in collaboration with Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) and Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association (SMPIA). Key Prairie Production Analysis Findings:

The Prairie Provinces play an important role in Canada’s social, cultural, political and economic development. The Prairie Provinces were under-represented in terms of public broadcaster expenditures (i.e., licence fees) and funding, which typically translates into lower levels of production activity (i.e., number of projects and value of total budgets). Manitoba was under-represented in both 2008-09 and 2009-10, in terms of CBC/Radio-Canada expenditures. Alberta was under-represented in terms of public broadcaster expenditures, with the exception of 2008-09. Saskatchewan’s share of public broadcaster expenditures was typically either in proportion or under-represented between 2005-06 and 2009-10. Saskatchewan’s stronger performance vis-à-vis other Prairie Provinces may have been due to the role of SCN.

The Prairie Provinces were under-represented in terms of their share of Canada Media Fund (CMF) funding and production between 2007-08 and 2010-11.

The Prairie Provinces were significantly under-represented in terms of their share of Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) funding and production activity between 2003-04 and 2010-11. In both 2005-06 and 2008-09, there was no CFFF-supported production in any of the Prairie Provinces.

The Prairie Provinces were largely under-represented in terms of their share of National Film Board of Canada (NFB-ONF) funding and production activity for both in-house and coproductions between 2006-07 and 2010-11.

As a whole, the Prairie Provinces are relatively well represented by Aboringal Peoples Television Network (APTN) funding and production activity.

The analysis was used by On Screen Manitoba executive director Nicole Matiation in OSM’s initial intervention submission (05 October 2012) and subsequent oral remarks presentation (28 November 2012) at the CBC/Radio-Canada hearings before the CRTC, alongside producers Jamie Brown (Frantic Films) and Louis Paquin (Les Productions Rivard).

Nicole Matiation, Executive Director of On Screen Manitoba, said:

Conducting the study with our counterparts in Saskatchewan and Alberta (and relying on Nordicity's expertise in the cultural industries) allowed us to look at patterns over a larger region to get a sense of how individual provinces measure up. Next steps will involve exploring business development and market expansion initiatives to support regionally initiated productions, as well as working in partnership with Government and other industry stakeholders to identify and adjust any systemic issues contributing to the situation.

Download the Report here: Analysis of Prairie Production (PDF, 327 KB)

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