Nordicity to develop an economic profile of the live music sector in British Columbia
Posted by Carly Frey in Vancouver on Sep 19, 2017

Nordicity, in partnership with Music Canada Live, has been awarded a grant from the BC Music Fund (administered by Creative BC) to develop an economic profile of the live music sector across British Columbia.

The study will assess the direct and indirect economic impacts BC’s live music sector has on the wider economy, as well as identify current opportunities and challenges faced by key stakeholders. Ultimately, the study aims to support growth and diversity within live music, build capacity, and provide government and industry stakeholders with a benchmark by which to inform new business opportunities, enable strategic decision-making, and measure progress over time.

The study will also build bridges between BC’s music and tourism sectors, encouraging the latter to more effectively leverage music-driven tourism within its destination marketing campaigns.

Nordicity’s Project Manager for the BC Live Music Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) is Carly Frey, Managing Director, Nordicity