Nordicity to Conduct City of Red Deer Cultural Facilities Needs Assessment
Posted by Carly Frey in Vancouver on Apr 24, 2018

In partnership with RC Strategies + PERC, Nordicity has been selected by the City of Red Deer to conduct a needs assessment of its municipal cultural facilities. The needs assessment will build on the strategic directions provided in the City’s 2008 Recreations, Parks and Culture Community Needs Assessment.

The project team will employ a seven-phase methodology the combines desk research into local and regional planning and policy, demographic trends and industry best practices with extensive public participation in the form of one-on-one interviews, round table discussions and a community open house. These lines of inquiry will feed into the facility and site assessment as well as the operational and financial analysis.

A critical component of the project will be the changing municipal dynamics of Red Deer. (e.g. slowing population growth and the downturn in oil and gas), which have changed drastically since the last facilities needs assessment. As such, understanding the current context and realities at the municipal and wider levels will be critical in assessing the community’s cultural facility needs. The Project Team will integrate these key inputs in the development of the study’s methodology.

The findings will be prepared in a user-friendly report to inform future decision making in the community. The plan will relate closely to ongoing provincial dynamics surrounding economic diversification, which may be augmented by investment in cultural infrastructure and related cultural industries.

The project will commence immediately and will conclude in the fall/winter of 2018. Nordicity’s Project Manager for the City of Red Deer’s Cultural Facilities Needs Assessment is Carly