OMDC commissions an economic impact study of the Ontario book publishing industry
Posted by Nordicity in Vancouver on May 31, 2012

The OMDC has commissioned Nordicity, in partnership with Castledale, to determine the economic impact of the Canadian-owned, Ontario-based book publishing industry - an update to a similar OMDC-supported report published in 2004.

The study will collect quantitative information on and from the Canadian-owned publishers in the province. It will help fill a data gap which exists since Statistics Canada ceased releasing data on the Canadian-owned subset of publishers in the province. It will also enhance our understanding of how the increase in digital activities among publishers is affecting the industry’s level of economic impact.

The study will launch in May with a detailed, province-wide survey to Canadian-owned publishers.

"Nordicity is proud to be associated with this OMDC study and hopes to better understand the impact of digitization on the book industry’s important economic contribution to the province” says Peter Lyman, Nordicity Senior Partner. “As much of our information will be obtained through surveys, we're hopeful that publishers will recognize the significance of this study and feel equally motivated to participate.

Diane Davy, President of Castledale, adds “This important study will give the industry and its supporters valuable information and insights that we feel will help in managing a rapidly changing business environment.”


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