Nordicity and Manitoba Music Launch the Third Economic Impact Study of Manitoba's Music Industry
Posted by Nordicity in Winnipeg on May 25, 2012

WINNIPEG – May 2012 – Nordicity and Manitoba Music have launched SoundCheck: An Economic Impact Study of Manitoba's Music Industry, in collaboration with a national study simultaneously led by the Canadian Independent Music Industry Association (CIMA).

SoundCheck will provide data and analysis of the economic impact of the music industry on the Manitoba and Canadian economies. The results will be made public, and will be distributed to key industry stakeholders to demonstrate successes to date, and to strategize, influence and implement necessary changes for the future of the evolving music industry.

The three-part initiative will create a profile of the Manitoba music industry through a thorough and confidential online survey and series of stakeholder interviews, will provide an economic impact assessment, and will include recommendations for growth and development. SoundCheck will take into account the music industry's dramatically changing business environment, including new music industry taxonomies and the significant advancements in technologies, business, and distribution models.

Manitoba Music will launch SoundCheck in late April and it will run throughout May. All Manitoba music entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses are urged to complete the survey online. Nordicity will be contacting most participants via direct email, but those who don't receive an invitation can visit for more information.

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