Nordicity engaged by CIRA to examine alternative strategies to develop Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) across Canada
Posted by Nordicity in Vancouver on Apr 18, 2012

Ottawa – April 2012 – The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has initiated a strategic analysis of a potential Canadian IXP Network. Nordicity has been mandated by CIRA to develop a business case for a potential Canadian IXP network that would best service all Canadian Internet stakeholders, including Internet service providers (ISPs) and hosting service providers.

IXPs improve Internet costs, latency and bandwidth. By allowing ISPs to directly interconnect via a physical exchange point, IXPs reduce the need for third-party upstream transit providers. IXPs also removes the need for data to travel outside of Canada to get from one network to another.

Nordicity is investigating the potential benefits of a potential IXP network in Canada through the following two-phase methodology:

  • Business Case Analysis:To determine the business case for Canadian IXPs, Nordicity is:
    • Conducting research to profile the key characteristics of the current peering environment in Canada;
    • Undertaking a traffic analysis that will provide information on the total Canadian traffic that could be repatriated to Canada based on potential advantages for targeted user groups of Canadian IXPs;
    • Examining the impacts of best practices IXPs in OECD countries; and
    • Developing a comprehensive business plan for the network of seven IXPs in Canada including detailed information on the operational structure.

As part of the business plan Nordicity will provide a long-term sustainable growth strategy to grow an IXP network from seven sites to a national network.

  • Strategic Analysis: A strategic analysis will highlight the benefits of a Canadian IXP network, including:
    • Cost savings (peering as an alternative to transit);
    • Quality of Service (improved latency);
    • Redundancy (Internet blackout avoidance); and
    • Privacy and protection of data.

The final business case and strategy will showcase CIRA's national thought leadership on improving Canada's Internet infrastructure.

For more information on this initiative, contact Stuart Jack,