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Technology Access in Public Libraries: Outcomes and Impacts for Ontario Communities Jun 30, 2017

Delivered to Toronto Public Library

Produced by Nordicity


Satellite, Wireline and Wireless

The line between satellite, wireline and wireless service providers has become blurred as convergence has resulted in increased inter-platform competition. Providing options that help organizations consolidate services and navigate these challenges has been Nordicity's core expertise for the past three decades.


Issues such as access to broadband, digital literacy, digital content regulation, and net neutrality are gaining importance as economies around the globe transition to a digital world. Nordicity assists regulatory agencies in framework evaluations and in the negotiating of programming rights for private sector clients.


In recent years, the volume of traffic on the ‘information highway’ has placed unprecedented pressure on ICT infrastructure. Cloud computing and data centers are just two of the trends that can enhance services and increase efficiency. Nordicity has the necessary experience and expertise to assist in the planning, development and evaluation of ICT infrastructure at both the national and more granular levels.

R&D and Commercialization

The proliferation of R&D by start-ups, SMEs, public and educational institutions have caused a surge in the need for commercialization. Through our wealth of experience with new and innovative products and services, Nordicity helps clients bring their concepts from the idea stage to market.

Our clients are leading public and private organizations that, with our assistance, have identified and capitalized on current and emerging opportunities:
  • Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)
  • National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA)
  • (the principal web portal of Industry Canada)
  • Ontario Electricity Board
  • Husky Oil
  • Technology Strategy Board (TSB)
  • Government of Trinidad & Tobago-Ministry of Public Administration and Information
  • Government of Newfoundland- The Department of Innovation/Trade and Rural Development
  • Government of South Africa - Department of Communications
  • Government of India
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