Evaluation of CANARIE Jul 01, 2014

Delivered to CANARIE

Produced by Nordicity


Nordicity leverages its knowledge of industry value chains to map out innovative approaches that help clients meet their strategic objectives:

  • Mobile applications development
  • Wireless solutions to communications needs
  • Transmedia strategies and new revenue models
  • IT solutions
  • Social media strategies
  • Intellectual property management, and
  • Innovation theory adapted to media and communications

Nordicity's innovation services:

  • Buy/Build analyses: Nordicity helps clients balance strategic needs, budgets and requirements to arrive at effective solutions to technological challenges
  • Product development approaches: Nordicity assists clients to devise and adopt innovative approaches to product development
  • Tools assessments: Nordicity’s clients benefit from preferred vendor relationships with best-in-class software solutions
  • User-needs analyses: Nordicity offers robust user profiles and user-needs analyses to ensure that the technology approach best supports the end user
  • Social media strategies: Nordicity develops unique engagement campaigns to help clients cut through the noise and reach target audiences
  • Commercialization assessments: Nordicity assesses the impact of innovation in research-intensive sectors as well as in entertainment and media

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