High-Stakes Year for Canadian Wireless Industry Mar 07, 2013

Delivered to Info Telecom

Produced by Nordicity


Nordicity leverages its experience from the communications,  media entertainment and cultural sectors to develop policies that strengthen companies, and national and regional clusters.

We provide a full suite of research and analytic services that support the development and implementation of public policy and broadcasting and telecom regulation.

Our experience includes:

  • Research and analysis to support policy development
  • Program/policy evaluation
  • Drafting of policy consultation submissions for stakeholders, and
  • Expert witness at administrative tribunals – regulators, copyright board, courts

Nordicity is regularly called on to develop and evaluate government policies, programs, and industry regulation, particularly in the communications and creative sectors.

Our policy analysis tools include:

  • Benchmarking studies
  • Development and measurement of key performance indicators
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Summative evaluations and logic models
  • Evidence-based program analyses
  • Competition policy analyses
  • Sectoral skills assessments
  • Cluster analyses, and
  • Industry profiles

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